About Us

Move. Analyze. Improve.

Tropx is an Israeli start-up company on a journey to revolutionize the wearable fitness industry through the development of smart clothing.

Our Story

As a fitness and Krav Maga instructor for 12 years, Salay Haim Raveh saw a problem — despite his extensive fitness knowledge, training his clients efficiently and designing accurate workout plans was difficult as most indicators of correct form and muscle imbalance are impossible to identify with the human eye. Having an education in mechanical engineering and biomechanics, Salay decided to engineer a solution that creates personalized gym training programs for maximum athletic performance. As a result, Tropx was born.

Meet Our Team

Though our human capital which includes relevant experts in the fields of machine learning, computer science, sports science, sports therapy, biochemistry, and physiology our company works on a daily basis to develop and improve Tropx technology.

Investors and Partners

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