Our Market

The global wearable technology markets is one of the fastest growing markets, making it extremely attractive and full of opportunity.

Market Growth

Our initial target market is the professional sports industry.

Professional athletes use their bodies in extreme ways. They need a mechanism to monitor their biometrics to ensure maximum results with low risk of injury.


Tropx technology will be utilized by coaches to track athletes' muscle activity, heart rate, movement, and more. Smart algorithms can indicate if a player needs to adjust form to reduce injury and curate a workout plan to make a player more prepared for the game.

Our secondary market is the average active consumer.


34% of Americans have tried digital health products such as a smartwatch.

32% of Americans have tracked health statistics on a phone or tablet app.

Source: Gallup 2019 Survey

How We Stand Out

There are multiple companies developing wearable athletic products, but Tropx provides the most holistic approach to training.
Tropx is the only technology that can provide a full performance analysis of any type of athlete.

Other companies rely on camera technology, but cameras have many limitations:

lighting, spacing, and activity type.

Tropx uses a complex system of machine learning and sensors to craft the most sophisticated and holistic approach to the wearable market.

We have a patent pending for our technology.