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Welcome to the Tropx future
From Art To Science

Cutting-edge AI wearable system

Analyzing users in real-time our technology identifies potential risks and offers personalized insights to prevent injuries



Tropx is the only holistic solution for a complete physical analysis. Using machine learning, three sensors, and innovative algorithms, Tropx is the wearable solution for all athletes

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We have

a patent pending

for our technology

How it works

Our technology engineered for the perfect movement



Using innovative algorithms and intelligent machine learning, Tropx clothing creates personalized training programs based on an athlete's needs in real-time to reduce injury and maximize results



Tropx is the only wearable solution that can provide a full performance analysis of any athlete. With the most advanced technology on the market, our suit is fit for all types of terrain, weather, and sports 



Not only do we care about the most efficient athletic performance, but we also prioritize comfortable

and fashionable clothing.

Tropx provides the highest quality athletic attire fit

for the gym and the game

“The human body is very sophisticated, probably the most sophisticated machine in the whole universe. We need
a tool that can do a complete analysis of all its complexity”

Salay Hayim Raveh, founder and CEO of Tropx

How We Stand Out

How We Stand Out

There are multiple companies developing wearable athletic products,

but Tropx provides the most holistic approach to training

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Tropx is the only technology that can provide a full performance analysis

of any type of athlete


Other companies rely

on camera technology,

but cameras have many limitations: lighting, spacing, and activity type


Tropx uses a complex system of machine learning and sensors to craft the most sophisticated and holistic approach to the wearable market


We have a patent pending for our technology

Leg Injury

Our initial target market is the professional sports industry

Our core emphasis lies in crafting a sophisticated artificial intelligence system that seamlessly meshes with wearable devices. This system is driven by a crucial objective: to adeptly identify, intricately analyze, and precisely interpret vital markers within the human body. By doing so, we empower coaches and physiotherapists to gain comprehensive insights into their patients, particularly in the domains of rehabilitation and injury prevention. In essence, we're propelling forward a fresh approach to proactive health management.

Our secondary market is the average active consumer

34% of Americans have tried digital health products such as a smartwatch​. 32% of Americans have tracked health statistics on a phone or tablet app

Source: Gallup 2019 Survey

About Us

Move. Analyze. Improve.

Tropx is an Israeli start-up company on a journey to revolutionize the wearable fitness industry through the development of smart clothing


As a fitness and Krav Maga instructor for 12 years, Salay Haim Raveh saw a problem — despite his extensive fitness knowledge, training his clients efficiently and designing accurate workout plans was difficult as most indicators of correct form and muscle imbalance are impossible to identify with the human eye


Having an education in mechanical engineering and biomechanics, Salay decided to engineer a solution that creates personalized gym training programs for maximum athletic performance. As a result, Tropx was born

Meet Our Team

Though our human capital — which includes relevant experts in the fields of machine learning, computer science, sports science, sports therapy, biochemistry, and physiology —

our company works on a daily basis to develop and improve Tropx technology

Partners and Investors

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Contact Us

Sha'ar Palmer St. 1

Haifa, Israel


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